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Entering The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a major tourist destination, so we make every effort to keep visitors’ Immigration formalities to a minimum.  However, entry requirements do vary from country to country, so nationals of non-Commonwealth countries should enquire at the nearest British Consulate or Bahamian Embassy for information on these.

All visitors must have a return or onward ticket, and a valid travel document (such as a passport and visa) to allow entry into another country as applicable.  Visitors may also be asked to produce evidence of sufficient funds to allow them to be self-sustaining whilst in the Bahamas.

Visitors may remain in the Bahamas for a maximum period of 8 months, provided that (s)he can support himself / herself or indicate other means of support for this period.  Please note that the maximum period of stay, documented in visitors’ passports, may vary, as this is dependent upon the discretion of the immigration officer at the port of entry.  Should you desire to extend your visit, permission must be sought from the Department of Immigration; more details on this is available here.  Visitors are not allowed to engage in any form of gainful occupation (work) while in the Bahamas.


Passports are required by all persons entering The Bahamas.


All persons entering The Bahamas require a Bahamian visa except the following persons:

  • United States Citizens entering as a bona fide visitor for a stay not exceeding eight (8) months.
    • Alien residents of the United States who, upon arrival, are in possession of United States Alien Registration Cards for visits not exceeding thirty (30) days.
  • Canadian citizens
    • Landed immigrants, in possession of Canadian Immigration Record Form 1000 may enter without a visa for visits not exceeding 30 days.  These persons should have a national passport.
  • United Kingdom citizens.
  • Citizens of Western Union.
  • British Commonwealth citizens with the exception of the following countries:
    • Pakistan.
    • Cameroon.
    • Mozambique.
    • India.
    • Nigeria.
    • Ghana.
  • Citizens of South American countries, however the nationals of the following countries can visit for periods not exceeding 3 months:
    • Argentina.
    • Bolivia.
    • Brazil.
    • Chile.
    • Colombia.
    • Costa Rica.
    • Ecuador.
    • El Salvador.
    • Guatemala.
    • Honduras.
    • Mexico.
    • Nicaragua.
    • Panama.
    • Paraguay.
    • Peru.
    • Uruguay.
    • Venezuela.

For visa requirements for all other nations please click here.

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