Prisons Department

National Security, Ministry of

Fox Hill
P. O. Box N 504
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Phone:(242) - 324-6404
Areas of Responsibility
  • Prisoners
    Safe keeping of inmates as prescribed by the courts.


We will provide safe, secure custody for all inmates placed under our charge & in so doing, prevent unlawful escapes & unauthorized entry as a matter of uppermost importance. 

We will create and maintain an orderly environment characterized by cleanliness and discipline, free from riots, strikes, fights, gangs, clutter, debris and incivility. 

We will seek in all endeavors to uplift the human person, blending the need for caring and compassion while demonstrating that justice and fairness can co-exist. 

We will aggressively create opportunities for the welfare, growth and upward mobility of staff (male and female: uniformed and non-uniformed) while creatively fostering an atmosphere within which inmates can be prepared for successful re-entry into the wider society.

Her Majesty‘s Prison, in accordance with universally accepted standards, contributes to the protection of society by optimizing staff development, while maintaining inmates in a controlled, safe, secure and humane environment that encourages rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. 

Her Majesty‘s Prison sets the standard for excellence in public safety, customer service, victim awareness and community reparation in a spirit of openness.

We believe in … 
· Public safety, victim rights and fair treatment of inmates. 
· A dedicated workforce that is well trained and diversified. 
· Exceptional customer service as our reasonable expectation. 
· Holding inmates accountable for change and reparation. 
· Excellence through responsible and efficient use of resources. 
· Teamwork that focuses on winning, not individual scoring. 
· Encouraging break through ideas from all levels. 
· Ethical behavior at all levels of the organization. 
· Resisting corruption's in all forms. 
· Working towards full embrace of the United Nations‟ Standard Minimum Rules For the Treatment of Offenders. 

Dr. Elliston Rahming
Superintendent of Prison

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