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May 28, 2020Prime Minister Minnis We are living in a new normalOffice of the Prime Minister
May 28, 2020Prime Minister Minnis Gives Message of Hope to Bimini ResidentsBahamas Information Services
May 28, 2020Minister Dames Applauds Jubilee Gardens Neighbourhood Watch International Award RecognitionBahamas Information Services
May 28, 2020Government Continues Public Education Efforts to Make the National Budget More Accessible to the PublicBahamas Information Services
May 28, 2020BDB to launch a Private Public Partnership via a Community Poultry Project to kickstart broiler production for small farmersBahamas Development Bank
May 27, 2020The People's Republic Of China Makes A Significant Donation In The Flight Against COVID-19Public Hospitals Authority
May 27, 2020DPM Turnquest Explains The Bahamas’ Fiscal Performance in the 2019/20 Budget YearBahamas Information Services
May 26, 2020New budget will provide a plan for a resilient BahamasCentral Communications Unit The Ministry of Finance
May 26, 2020Ministry of Health Approved Physicians List For Inter-Island Health Travel Process Update #76Ministry of Health
May 26, 2020First Female Director of Societies Regulates Cooperative SectorMinistry Of Agriculture & Marine Resources
May 26, 2020Financial Services Minister States, Bahamas Open for Business and Poised to Deliver Highest Standards of ServiceMinister of Financial Services, Trade & Industry and Immigration,
May 26, 2020BNDC to observe World No Tobacco Day with focus on COVID-19 and its likely impacts on smokersThe Bahamas National Drug Council
May 25, 2020New budget promises to deliver social protection and economic stabilityCentral Communications Unit (CCU)
May 25, 2020New budget promises to deliver social protection and economic stabilityCentral Communications Unit (CCU)
May 25, 2020Ministry of Finance cautions on fake news reports regarding foreign reservesCentral Communications Unit, Ministry of Finance
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