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April 1, 2020Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Jump To Twenty-one Update #20Miistry of Health
March 31, 2020Postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic GamesMinistry of Youth, Sports & Culture
March 31, 2020One More Confirmed Case Of COVID-19Ministry of Health
March 31, 2020Emergency Powers (COVID19) (SpecialProvisions) Order 2020 and Exempted Business and Undertakings No. 3 and 5Office of the Prime Minister
March 31, 2020Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism and Aviation Statement On COVID-19Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation
March 30, 2020The Government and NIB Design Temporary Programme for Self-Employed who Rely on the Tourism IndustryBahamas Information Services
March 30, 2020Special Provisions Being Made to Assist Family Island Administrators as they Implement COVID-19 Emergency OrdersBahamas Information Services
March 30, 2020SBDC Rolls out the Governments $20 Million COVID-19 ResponseBahamas Information Services
March 30, 2020NIB, SBDC and the Department of Social Services Have Rolled out Social and Economic Support ProgrammesBahamas Information Services
March 30, 2020Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Emergency Food Production PlanMinistry of Agriculture and Marine Resources
March 29, 2020Three More Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Update #19Bahamas Information Services
March 29, 2020Three More Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Update #19Bahamas Information Services
March 29, 2020Prime Minister announces three new cases of COVID-19 and plans to extend state of emergency for eight daysOffice of the Prime Minister
March 29, 2020Bahamas Ministry of Health COVID-19 Dashboard (29th March, 2020)Ministry of Health
March 28, 2020One more confirmed case of COVID-19 and amendments to the Ministry of Healths COVID-19 Bahamas DashboardMinistry of Health
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