Major Tribute Bestowed on Former Attorney General Paul L. Adderley
Authored by: Betty Vedrine
Source: Bahamas Information Services
Date: June 30, 2014


Mrs. Lilith Adderley, wife of the late Hon. Paul L. Adderley, cuts the ribbon leading to the entrance of the Paul Adderley Building. Also Pictured: Deputy to the Governor-General, Dame Marguerite Pindling,  Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Catherine and Paula Adderley (daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Adderley). Also pictured are several cabinet Ministers. (BIS Photo/Peter Ramsay).


Nassau, The Bahamas - The building housing the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs has been named after former Attorney General, the late Paul L. Adderley. The new building has been named ‘The Paul L. Adderley Building.”


A ceremony commemorating the event was held on the grounds of the building  on John F. Kennedy Drive, Friday, June 27.  Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie officially opened and named the building and delivered remarks.


“This eminent occasion, is most essentially about honouring the memory and to etch in the public consciousness for generations to come the life and legacy of a great Bahamian, the late Hon. Paul Lawrence Adderley,” said Mr. Christie.


Mr. Christie said that Mr. Adderley was an outstanding Bahamian who deserves this significant form of recognition for the contributions that he has made in the country.


“In the ebb and flow of history, it is remarkable that each generation brings to the fore a few outstanding individuals, who by their efforts, both individually and collectively make a mark and, indeed, place a stamp on that particular era,” he said.


“We in The Bahamas have produced a cadre of such men as we look back on the last five decades and among the most notable of them must be the Hon. Paul Lawrence Adderley.”


Also bringing remarks was Hon. Shane D. Gibson, Minister of Labour and National Insurance and Minister of the Public Service. Mr. Gibson said that the country was ‘blessed’ to have had this ‘great man’ play such instrumental roles in the development of the country.


“Mr. Paul Lawrence Adderley was undisputedly a national hero who served his country with honour and distinction, giving life to the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, “Lord, teach me to serve You as You deserve; to give and not to count the cost, to labour and not to ask for reward,” as he gave for over 30 years and accepted no honours for his work.”


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator, Hon Allyson Maynard Gibson delivered welcome remarks. Calling Mr. Adderley an author of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,’ Senator Maynard Gibson said that his ‘intellectual prowess, patriotism, love of the law and personal integrity’ are some of the attributes, which caused him to be appointed Attorney General of the newly independent Bahamas, a post that he held for longer than any subsequent Attorney General.


“He was the quintessential Attorney General, defender of Rule of Law, a man of unimpeachable integrity and boundless energy, intellect, patriotism and passion,” she said.


Hon. Paul Lawrence Adderley was born in Nassau on 15th August, l928. After completing formal legal training in the United Kingdom, Mr. Adderley returned to The Bahamas and was the successor of his father’s law practice in 1953.


He entered the political arena shortly thereafter and became Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party.  His appointment on 10th of July, l973, as Attorney General followed 20 years of legal practice in The Bahamas. This also made him the first Attorney General of the newly independent Bahamas.


In addition, Mr. Adderley served on numerous occasions between 2002 and 2007 as Deputy to the Governor-General and as Acting Governor-General in the period preceding the appointment of His Excellency the Hon. Arthur D. Hanna.


He was married to Lilith Rosena Adderley (nee Thompson) in l960 and the couple had three children: Catherine, Rosanne, and Paula.


Mr. Adderley passed away peacefully on the 19th September 2012. He was 84 years old.



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