Finance, Ministry of

Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Centre
West Bay Street
P. O. Box N 3017
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Web Site:
Phone:(242) 327-1530/7 or 702-1500
Fax:(242) 327-1618 or 327-1620
Areas of Responsibility

Customs Department
Treasury Department
Department of Statistics
Department of Public Service
Business Licences 
Property Tax

Other Areas of Responsibilities

Economic Development and Planning
Government Finance and Borrowings
Relations with Multi-Lateral Financial Institutions
Administration of Tax Information
Exchange Agreements
National Statistics
Treasury Department
Customs Department
Budgetary Planning and Central Bank of The Bahamas
Bahamas Development Bank
Banks and Trust Companies
Relations with the Securities Commission
Relations with the Inspector of Financial and
Corporate Service Provider
Relations with the Insurance Commission
Post Office Savings Bank
Spirits and Beer Manufacturing
Treasure Trove
Business Licences and Valuations
Guarantee Loans (Tourism Development)
First Time Homeowners Tax 
Exemption Programme
Information and Communications Technology