Liberalising The Bahamas Cellular Market

The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas considers electronic communications an essential part of the infrastructure supporting the social and economic progress of The Bahamas. The lack of competition in the cellular services market is impeding the social and economic development of The Bahamas, and reduces incentives to achieve the highest quality and best prices, which would truly drive social and economic prosperity. The Government therefore sees cellular competition as a key objective for the Electronic Communications Sector (ECS) moving forward, and has taken the necessary steps to introduce competition in the cellular services market as quickly as possible.


In November 2014, the Minister responsible for the ECS decided the method for allocating and pricing cellular mobile spectrum in accordance with Section 30 of the Communications Act 2009. The Government then initiated a Competitive Selection Process that would result in the authorisation of one additional cellular provider.


Interested persons were invited to register for a Request for Proposals document and to apply to operate a cellular mobile network and provide cellular mobile services in The Bahamas, through a Bahamian entity (“NewCo”) formed specifically for that purpose.


Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL) emerged as the successful applicant of the selection process. On July 1st 2016, the following licences were awarded to NewCo by the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) after it had been notified by Government to proceed with the final formalities for licensing:

  1. An Individual Operating Licence (IOL); and
  2. An Individual Spectrum Licence (ISL)

Details of the regulatory regime for the Electronic Communications Sector (ECS), under which NewCo will be required to operate, are available from URCA’s website at


For further details of the process, please click here.


  • To Operate a Cellular Mobile Network and Provide Cellular Mobile Services in The Bahamas
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