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Lat.: N25 44' 00"
Long.: W79 17' 30"
Size: 11 Sq. mls
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Bimini, known for its big game fishing, uncrowded beaches and partying nightlife, is also referred to as author Ernest Hemingway’s retreat. Hemingway, who first visited Bimini in 1935, engaged in sport fishing or big game fishing in Bimini for a number of years. He also frequented its bars and his novel, Islands in the Stream, captured his impression of Bimini and also his battle to catch large fish in the Gulf Stream.

Located just 50 miles from Florida, Bimini is made up of two main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. North Bimini has most of the population while South Bimini, where the airport is located, was used mainly for farming. Bimini has had an exciting past. First it was a rendezvous for wreckers who, it is believed, eventually settled in the islands in the mid-19th Century. When wrecking ended, the people of Bimini tried fishing, sponging and growing sisal and coconuts. When Prohibition was declared in the United States, Bimini became involved in rum-running.

The other islands next to Bimini are Gun Cay, located nine miles south of Bimini; Cat Cay, one mile south-east of Bimini and a port-of-entry for The Bahamas, and Ocean Cay where aragonite, a pure limestone, is mined from the ocean floor.

Information courtesy of Bahamas Information Services, Department of Archives and Local Government.

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