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Lat.: N23 30’ 00”
Long.: W 75 45’ 00”
Size: 72 Sq. mls
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The Exuma chain, comprising about 360 or more cays, stretches for about 130 miles beginning 30 miles southeast of New Providence. It is a haven for yachtsmen and is said to be the loveliest part of The Bahamas. The beaches and sea of a large part of the Exuma Cays are being preserved by the government under the Bahamas National Trust’s Exuma National Land and Sea Park. This comprises underwater limestone and coral reefs, drop-offs, blue holes, caves and marine life, and the last home of the Bahamian iguana, a giant lizard-like creature. Exuma was permanently settled after the American Revolutionary War when many Loyalists and their slaves migrated to the island, setting up cotton plantations which flourished for a brief time.

Exuma’s capital, Georgetown, was once suggested to be the capital of The Bahamas because of its famous Elizabeth Harbour, which has a draft of 16 feet, aided in the development of Great Exuma and probably made Exuma a favourite haunt for pirates. Since the 1950s, the Harbour has been the site of the world renowned Family Island Regatta – the race of Bahamian-made sailboats.

Exuma has beauty – the Land and Sea Park, isolated sandy cays and marvelous views from the hills of Rolleville, Rolle Town and The Ferry. It has history – the remains of the plantations at Williams Town, the ancient tombs at Rolle Town and at Moss Town. It also offers recreation to swimmers, boaters, fishermen, snorkelers and sailors.

Information courtesy of Bahamas Information Services, Department of Archives and Local Government.

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