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Lat.: N22 13’ 00”
Long.: W 75 45’ 00”
Size: 9 Sq. mls
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Island Information

Ragged Island used to have a very prosperous Salt Industry. Its salt ponds were opened in the late 19th Century by Mr. Duncan Taylor, after whom the island's only settlement, Duncan Town, was named. The Salt Industry is Ragged Island's main industry; however Fishing is also done on a small scale.

In earlier years, the residents of Ragged Island enjoyed good trade relations with Haiti and Cuba. Trade with both countries has since stopped.

In 1950, Hurricane Donna hit the island and left considerable residential and property damage which forced many of its residents to relocate to Nassau.

Today, there are about 210 inhabitants on Ragged Island, 80 of whom are adults; the rest are children. There are only about 15 men.

Information courtesy of Bahamas Information Services, Department of Archives and Local Government.

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