About the Ministry of Health

Vision Statement

Optimal level of health and well-being of all residents of The Bahamas

Mission Statement

To ensure that the highest quality of services for health promotion, health protection and healthcare are accessible to all residents of The Bahamas in order to achieve an optimal level of health

Areas of Responsibility

The Ministry of Health seeks to provide the leadership necessary to ensure and guard the protection and promotion of the health of all residents. It provides all residents with access to comprehensive, preventive, quality healthcare services and care.

The Ministry of Health seeks to protect the health of Bahamian residents against both current and emerging health threats. This is achieved, in part, by: helping individuals acquire the skills to live responsible, healthy and independent lives; providing a range of accessible, affordable services that assist individuals, families and communities to reach their full health potential; and monitoring both current and emerging disease threats.

The Ministry operates from a social model of health, whereby improvements in health and well-being are achieved by directing efforts towards addressing the social and environmental determinants of health, among others. The delivery of healthcare in The Bahamas is integrated and co-ordinated around the needs of residents, rather than service types, professional boundaries or organisational structure.

Departments / Agencies & Responsibilities

Technical Directorate

The Technical Directorate of the Ministry is comprised of the Chief Medical Officer, Director of Public Health, and Director of Nursing.
The Chief Medical Officer advises both the Minister and the Permanent Secretary on technical, health matters.

The Director of Public Health has oversight for the Department of Public Health and advises the Permanent Secretary on all Public Health Matters.
The Director of Nursing  directs and advises the Permanent Secretary on all Nursing Matters.

Department of Public Health

Department of Public Health (DPH) is provides preventive and curative healthcare.  Under the guidance of a Director, it oversees the provision and management of primary healthcare services and the development and implementation of public health programmes.
To ensure that healthcare is readily accessible to all communities, DPH manages Community Health Clinics throughout The Bahamas. These clinics all have medical, nursing and allied staff. A tiered system of polyclinics and satellite clinics is linked to more sophisticated tertiary care services at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), and the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH), on Grand Bahama, through phone consultation and referral services and a system of inter-island transportation. This model is able to extend both routine and emergency healthcare services to even the small and remote islands of our Commonwealth. This is in keeping with Government policy that all residents should have universal access to healthcare and essential social services.

Public Hospitals Authority (PHA)

The Public Hospitals Authority is a quasi-government entity, governed by a Board of Directors, which is headed by a Chairman who is appointed by and directly accountable to the Minister of Health.  

The Public Hospitals Authority has responsibility for the management and development of public hospitals, namely:

  • Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).
  • Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC).
  • Rand Memorial Hospital (RAND).

Additionally, the organization also has delegated responsibilities, under the authority of the Minister of Health for the management and development of:

  • Grand Bahama Health System (which includes the RAND).
  • National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS).
  • Bahamas National Drug Agency (BNDA).
  • Materials Management Directorate (MMD).

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Address and Contact Information:

Ministry of Health
Poinciana Hill
P.O. Box N-3729
New Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 502–4700
Fax.(242) 325-5421
Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays

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