The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ministry/Department of Education is to provide opportunities for all persons in The Bahamas to receive the education and training that will equip them with the necessary beliefs, attitudes, knowledge work and life in an interdependent, ever changing world.



To ensure that all persons in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas develop physically, mentally, and spiritually and socially in order to function responsibly and productively in an increasingly dynamic, technological and complex society.


Executive Structure of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

The leadership team of the Ministry comprises the Minister, the Permanent Secretary and the Director of Education.  Currently serving in these capacities are the Honourable Jerome K. Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology; Mrs. Donella Bodie, Permanent Secretary; and Mr. Lionel K. Sands, Director of Education.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is a multi-tiered organisation responsible for regulating the provision of education throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  This is a challenge due to the archipelagic nature of The Bahamas where schools are spread across twenty-two islands and the student population can range from as little as a few  to more than 1400 pupils.  In keeping with the provisions of the Education Act (revised 1996), the Ministry has an obligation to provide education to all  residents between the ages of 5 and 16 years, regardless of where they live in the country.    The Department of Education has direct responsibility for all public institutions offering education services at the pre-school, primary and, secondary levels.  The Ministry maintains a register of and works with all independent institutions in the country.


In addition to the management of schools, the Ministry works with post-secondary and tertiary institutions to ensure that citizens of The Bahamas have opportunities for higher learning and technical and vocational training.  Other programmes the Ministry operates within the Department of Education include the Mabel Walker Professional Development Institute, the Special Needs Centre at the Our Lady’s Catholic School, the Special Education Unit and Learning Resources Section.  An important arm of the Ministry is the National Literacy Services which promotes literacy throughout The Bahamas.  Two of its major initiatives are Adult Literacy and Family Literacy.  The National Library and Information Services was established in 1999 to unite the public libraries in New Providence and the Family Islands into one modern automated system, offering quality standardized services in all islands. 


The Examination and Assessment Division of the Ministry is charged with ensuring that all national examinations and more importantly, the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations maintain international currency. The assessment and provision of certification for all high school graduates in their respective areas of study also fall under the portfolio of the Examinations and Assessment Division.

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