Overview of the Customs Department

About the Customs Department

Mission Statement

  1. To collect and protect customs revenue and other mandated revenues and taxes.
  2. To facilitate legitimate trade.
  3. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and to provide a professional quality service to our clients.
  4. To achieve our objectives through development and management of appropriate Human Resource Programme and Policies.  

Areas of Responsibility

  1. 32 Ports of Entry throughout The Bahamas.  This includes all Airports and Docks within these ports.
  2. To control all imports and exports from and to The Bahamas.

Key function

The key function of the Customs Department is the Collection and Protection of the Revenue of The Bahamas.

Sections and Functions

  1. Administration – responsible for human resources, accounts and training.  
  2. Aided Industries – responsible for bonded goods, goods under concession, bonds and temporary imports.
  3. Commonwealth Brewery – responsible for manufacturing of beverages.
  4. Airport – passenger/cargo airlines

    • Air Freight
    • Lynden Pindling International
    • East Ramp
    • Executive Flight Support
    • Odyssey Aviation
  5. Computer Section – responsible for the department’s IT services.
  6. Entry Checking Section – responsible for processing of all cargo.
  7. Examinations Section– responsible for examination of direct delivery (containers).
  8. Intelligence Section – deals with risk management.
  9. Investigation Section – is concerned with fraud and falsification of documents.
  10. Queries and Refunds Section – is concerned with over / underpayment of customs duty.
  11. Valuation Section – Verification of value / prices of goods.
  12. Docks – cargo vessels
    • Arawak Cay
    • John Alfred
    • Kelly’s Dock
    • Prince George Wharf (Harbour Office)
    • Seaboard Marine
    • South West Border (Clifton Pier)
    • Union Wharf
  13. Ports of Entry

Contact Details for the Customs Department:

The Bahamas Customs Department
Customs House
Thompson Blvd.
P.O. Box N-155
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas               
Tel. (242) 604-3124 or 604-3125
Fax. (242) 322-6223
Email: customs@bahamas.gov.bs

Key Contact Persons

Dr. Geannine Moss – Comptroller of Customs – geanninemoss@bahamas.gov.bs
Mr. Roosevelt Bethell – Deputy Comptroller of Customs – rooseveltbethel@bahamas.gov.bs

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