Overview of The Bahamas Postal Service


In 1788 an act for the establishment and regulation of a post office was passed, however the earliest known record of a letter being sent from The Bahamas was in 1761. Prior to this act, the offices of The Bahamas Gazette served as the post office.

In 1859 the Bahamian government sent designs for the creations of a local postage stamp to England. Sometime after, a stamp incorporating the head of Queen Victoria, the pineapple and conch shell known as the “one penny inter-insular” was created. Over the years since the first stamp was issued The Bahamas produced many beautiful stamps. We issue approximately six commemoratives annually and a definitive issue every five years.

The Bahamas Postal Service established a savings bank in 1936 and later a postal money order service. Many family island communities had no other financial facilities available to them and some persons were unable to meet the requirements of the commercial banks.

The postal service has grown and improved tremendously over the years. Today there are ten post offices strategically located throughout New Providence, with a total of 24,750 private mailboxes. Every island in The Bahamas is equipped with postal services.

While keeping in mind the impact of modern technologies, The Bahamas Postal Service continues to play a vital role in the field of communication by keeping its customers informed and connected around the world.

Vision Statement

Efficient and effective service is the fundamental goal of The Bahamas Postal Service. This department is committed to providing high quality postal services to all. Its enthusiastic, professional staff will maintain a progressive organization through a commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

To be respected and recognized for its timely collection and transmittal of postal products for all customers. It is to become a fully featured market-oriented and profitable business, which meets the communications, advertising and physical distribution needs of the customer.

Organisation Chart

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