Under Customs Regulation Cargo vessels must provide a Report on Inwards of Vessel in order to enter The Bahamas.


All vessels entering The Bahamas from a foreign port.

  1. Complete the required forms.
  2. Submit the forms along with the other supporting documents to the Customs Officer at the point of arrival at the Port of entry in The Bahamas
Application Form(s) 
  • Report on Inwards of Vessel – Form C2.
  • Parcels List - Form C3.
  • Declaration of Consumable Stores onboard Vessel - Form C5.
  • Declaration of Dutiable goods in the possession of crew – Form C6.
  • Maritime Declaration of Health.
  • Clearance from your last port of Departure.
  • Cargo Manifest.
  • Passenger Manifest (name and nationality required).
  • Crew List (name and nationality required).
  • Proof of citizenship/Identification (Passport) for the captain and other crew and passengers.


Supporting Documents 
Turn-around time 

24 hours

This process must be completed within 24 hours after arrival into Bahamian waters. No passengers or crew are to disembark until process is completed.
Related Fee(s) 
  • Wharfage Fee - this is calculated by the amount of cargo tons x BS$4.00.
  • Harbour Dues – this is calculated by the net tons of the vessel x .02 cents.
  • Pierage – is calculated by the length of the vessel x .18 cents per day.
  • Processing Fees - $75.00
  • Service Fees - Overtime fees are now identified as service fees. Cruise, tanker and Cargo Vessels over 35 ft are charged a service fee of BS$50 per hour.  Cargo vessels 35 ft and under is charged a service fee of BS$50.00 per hour.
  • Departure Tax – Cruise passengers are charged BS$18.00 per person.
For more information please contact 

The Bahamas Customs Department
P. O. Box N 155
New Providence
The Bahamas               
Location – Headquarters- Thompson Blvd
Opening Hours: 9 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday)
Tel. (242)325-6551 – 9
Fax. (242)325-7409
Email: customs@bahamas.gov.bs 

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Customs Department
Customs House
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Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Phone: (242) 604-3124 or 604-3125
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