Any Bahamian national who feels that his or her data privacy rights have been infringed upon by any data collector or controller may seek redress by contacting the Data Protection Commissioner. The Commissioner seeks to ensure that:

  • Personal information that is collected on individuals is managed in a manner that observes fundamental privacy rights.
  • Individuals are able to access personal information kept on them.
  • Data is used in a manner that is consistent with the intentions of the data subject.



Any Bahamian may make these complaints.

  1. Lodge your complaint with the head of the offending institution (data controller), escalating the issue to the Data Protection Commissioner, only after 21 days have elapsed with no response, or when the response is not satisfactory.
  2. Report the issue to the office of the Data Protection Commissioner.  Whilst using the telephone to do so is an option, it is preferred that you fill out the Privacy Complaint Form in its entirety and return to the office of the Data Protection Commissioner at the contact information provided below.  Alternatively, you may also write a letter providing the following information:
    • Your name and contact information.
    • Relevant dates, location and times.
    • A description of the issue / incident.
    • Details of any telephone conversations and meetings.
    • Copies of relevant documents.
    • Any other relevant information.
    • Written consent permitting the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner to disclose the details of the complaint to the offending institution.

You should keep copies of all communiqués between you and the commissioner’s office, as these may need to be used as evidence in the future. Additionally, you are encouraged to follow-up, in writing and or via the telephone as necessary.  Should the matter not be satisfactorily resolved, you may wish to seek legal redress from a higher authority.

Click here to view the Complaints Handling Policy Statement & Guidelines.

Application Form(s) 

Privacy Complaint Form

Supporting Documents 

No supporting documents are required for this service.

Turn-around time 

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will issue an acknowledgement to you within 2 working days of receiving your report, whilst the offending institution would be given 21 days from the time that the Data Protection Commissioner contacts it to respond.

There are no deadlines for this service.
Related Fee(s) 

There are no fees associated with this service.

For more information please contact 

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
31A Poinciana House
North Building
East Bay Street
Tel: (242) 604-1001
P.O. Box N-3017
Nassau, Bahamas
Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

Agency Contact Info
Data Protection Commissioner, Office of the
31A Poinciana House
North Building
East Bay Street
P. O. Box N-3017
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Phone: (242) 604-1001
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