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The Bahamas is a prime location to establish an off-shore manufacturing facility.  Its strategic position 50 miles off the coast of Florida facilitates access to the markets of North and South America, some 800 million consumers strong.  The development of a world class container transshipment terminal at Freeport Harbour on Grand Bahama has created additional advantages for manufacturing and assembly plants located in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas is well positioned in terms of its trade relationships and economic policies to become a central business location in the rapidly-integrating Western hemispheric market.  The Bahamian people are friendly, well educated, and loyal workers.

Government has adopted a targeted programme to improve technical and vocational training in the regular school programme.  Additionally, expansion of technical skills training at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute is preparing increasing numbers of young talented Bahamians to meet the demands for skilled labour in the light industries sector.

Investment Incentives

A wide array of incentives is in place to benefit manufacturers who locate a business in The Bahamas.   Investment incentives under the following Acts include, but are not limited to, exemption from import duties on building materials, equipment, designated raw materials and real property tax:

  • The Industries Encouragement Act
  • The Tariff Act
  • The Agricultural Manufactories Act
  • The Export Manufacturing Industries Encouragement Act
  • The Spirit and Beer Manufacture Act

Further, there are no legal impediments stemming the free flow of corporate profits, dividends, interests, and royalties from The Bahamas to any international destination.

Trade Relations and Privileges

The Bahamas is party to the Caribbean Basin Initiative, CARIBCAN, and the Lome IV Agreement which provide duty free access to the markets of the United States, Canada, and European Union, for most goods manufactured or processed in The Bahamas.  This means that Bahamian goods are granted duty free access to markets of over 600 million people in North America and the European Union.

A Modern Infrastructure

Six major international airports are located throughout The Bahamas (smaller facilities are found on the more remote islands) serviced by a variety of major international carriers.  The Ports at Nassau and Freeport receive the largest and most sophisticated cruise ships, cargo vessels and freighters.  Telecommunications services are state-of-the-art.  Instantaneous direct international links are provided through a 100% digitalized switching system.  Telephone networks, facsimile, cellular services, private line services, telex, satellite and radio licensing and packet switching are all available in The Bahamas.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Bahamas is a promising site for both large and small pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Allied Signal, a European corporation, is operating a successful manufacturing plant in Freeport.  Because of its presence, a skilled pharmaceutical labour force exists in Freeport.

Agricultural Development and Food Processing

The mild climate and unpolluted Bahamian environment never experiences winter frost.  The Bahamas has large tracts of unused, fertile land and plentiful supplies of fresh water particularly on the islands of Abaco, Andros, and Grand Bahama.  Its proximity to North and South America and its well developed transportation system makes The Bahamas an ideal site to locate agriculturally-based businesses.  Opportunities exist in livestock production (beef, poultry, pork, dairy, mutton), crop production (potatoes, peanuts, bananas, citrus fruits), and food processing and preservation (beef/pork/poultry/mutton processing, fruit and vegetable production, edible oils, and animal feed production).

Electronics Manufacturing

The Bahamas has the key ingredients necessary to operate a successful electronics manufacturing concern – a strategic location, a skilled and loyal work force, a modern transportation and distribution system, and a free-trade zone in Freeport where materials and goods can be imported and exported without paying taxes or customs duties.

Other Opportunities

  • Jewelry manufacturing
  • Shoe and garment manufacturing
  • Personal care and cosmetic products
  • Light plastic products
  • Tool assembly and manufacturing
  • Light machinery manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Information and data processing services
  • Toy assembly
  • Furniture manufacturing
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