Tuberculosis (TB) Control


All traces of TB eliminated in The Bahamas.



To reduce death, disability, illness, emotional trauma, family disruption and the social stigma caused by TB.


In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in The Bahamas, initiating the discovery of the New World and bringing with him a dreaded new disease – Tuberculosis (TB). By 1873, many cases of cachectic (wasting away) were being reported. These could have possibly been active TB infections.

In 1947, the Royal Air Force Military Hospital was leased from the Oakes Estate to allow for the building of a hospital, so as to increase the beds for TB patients. In 1949, the Chest Clinic (out patient follow-up care) was established; and in 1959, contact-tracing, along with a register, was implemented.

In 1955, after the Bahamas General Hospital was renamed the Princess Margaret Hospital, Dr. Corey became Chest Specialist. These developments led to a Chest Wing (1962), which included:

  • a wing for private TB patients.
  • a floor with 3 wings for female patients.
  • a floor with 3 wings for male patients.
  • a wing for children, on the ground floor.

In 1976, the Chest Clinic was transferred to the new Ambulatory Care section of the Princess Margaret Hospital. However, with no office space, the clinic functioned from behind the Specialty Clinic Reception desk.

In 1978, Dr. Perry Gomez, Infectious Disease Specialist, was named head of the TB Team, and in 1979, a monthly Follow-up Clinic was initiated on the island of Grand Bahama.

The TB Team under the direction of Dr. Mohammed Imana, Medical Epidemiologist, works in conjunction with Dr. Gomez. The team comprises a Surveillance Co-ordinator, Senior Nursing Officer for TB Control. 2 Registered Nurses, 2 Trained Clinical Nurses, 3 Community Workers and 1 Male Attendant.

Chest Clinic is located in the Paediatric Corridor, upstairs Out-Patient Department, Princess Margaret Hospital, every Friday, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. We earnestly try to see all clients that attend the clinic, whether “walk-in” or referral.

Mantoux testing is offered at:

  • Chest Clinic - Monday through Friday.
  • Medical Corridor – Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • South Beach Clinic – Monday through Wednesday.

Warning: To reduce the risk of infecting HIV positive clients, other “chest” clients who may have TB are encouraged to attend clinics only on Fridays.


  • To interrupt and prevent transmission of TB.
  • To prevent the development of drug resistance.
  • To identify and cure the infectious cases.
  • To treat and cure the infected cases.

Control Measures

  1. To identify and investigate all suspected cases of TB and their contacts as soon as possible after notification.
  2. To provide information to the Medical Officer of Health as investigations are completed.
  3. To identify all persons with suspected or confirmed TB disease, and ensure that they receive appropriate treatment.
  4. To ensure that persons, who are at high risk for progression from infection to active disease, receive preventive therapy and do not develop the disease.
  5. To ensure that contacts of TB cases are identified and receive appropriate medical care and remain under medical supervision until completion of course of treatment.
  6. To monitor and document the treatment status of all patients with TB, and correct deficiencies.
  7. To conduct clinics which provide clients with effective care in a comfortable environment.
  8. To educate clients, contacts, families and the public; and provide counseling regarding TB prevention and control and the importance of medication compliance.
  9. To compile statistical data on the number of Tb cases and contacts investigated.
  10. To provide each Community Health Clinic with updated lists of TB cases so that they can reinforce health education and provide additional supervision.
  11. To improve those social conditions which increase the risk of infection.

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