Nursing Council

The Nursing Council is a body established to provide control of the training and practice of clinical nurses and midwives, for the registration of nurses and midwives and the enrolment of clinical nurses. The Council functions according to the Nurses and Midwives Act (chapter 209) and the Nurses and Midwives (Nurses Agencies) Regulations, 1993.

The Council consists of 10 appointed members:

  • 5 persons whom the Minister selects.
  • 3 persons nominated by the Nurses’ Association.
  • 1 person nominated by the Minister of Education.
  • 1 medical practitioner whom the Minister selects.

Appointments are for 3 years, after which each member is eligible for reappointment. The Minister is responsible for appointing a Chairman from among the members. Additionally, there is a Nursing Appeal Tribunal, formed by the Chairman and 2 other persons that the Minister appoints to handle grievances.

The Council seeks to produce better equipped nurses and midwives with essential skills necessary for their line of work by:

  • Prescribing requirements for people applying for training as nurses, clinical nurses and midwives.
  • Providing programmes and curricula for nurses, clinical nurses and midwives in training.
  • Establishing, managing and controlling schools for nurses, midwives and clinical nurses; and regulating the instruction given at these institutions.
  • Prescribing examinations to be passed and other requirements by people wishing to register as a nurse and midwife, or seeking to enrol as a clinical nurse.
  • Stipulating the functions of nurses, midwives and clinical nurses and the nature of the services they offer.
  • Providing the establishment and control of agencies that utilise the services of nurses, midwives and clinical nurses.
  • Making corrections to the register and the roll required by the Act to be kept.
  • Ensuring procedure is followed in regard to disciplinary enquiries.
  • Regulating the practice of midwifery and prescribing the powers and duties of Supervisors of Midwifery in any district.
  • Enforcing any other matter or thing which is required by the Act.

The Council receives funds from Parliament and from fees collected.


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