Clifton Heritage National Park
Clifton Heritage

The Clifton Heritage Authority came into being as a result of an Act of Parliament.  It is vested with the responsibility to carry out the following:

  • to hold, manage, maintain, preserve, promote and develop Clifton Heritage as a national park and historic cultural heritage site;
  • to preserve, construct, manage and maintain buildings, parks, waterways, nature reserves and nature trails at Clifton Heritage;
  • to establish and implement a policy and plan for the management and development of Clifton Heritage;
  • to conserve, restore, present and display the monuments and archaeological sites of Clifton Heritage and its collections of antiquities and artifacts;
  • to interact with national and international organizations concerned with setting standards in the management and operation of national parks and cultural heritage sites;
  • to conduct archaeological investigations, explorations and excavations of Clifton Heritage utilizing methods and techniques of the highest standards and to employ best practices in the conduct of all archaeological activities;
  • to establish and implement a strategic business plan to identify and seek dedicated and sustainable funding for Clifton Heritage and to allocate the financial and other resources necessary for its management and development;
  • to foster and encourage public interest in the history, archaeology, antiquities and artifacts of Clifton Heritage through exhibitions, guided tours, nature trails, lectures, seminars, research programs, school programs and other educational activities and services;
  • to document the significance of Clifton Heritage and maintain proper inventories and records of all of its antiquities and artifacts;
  • to promote Clifton Heritage as a national and world heritage resource and as a cultural tourism destination; and
  • to liaise with relevant government and non-government agencies in that regard;
  • to utilize technology and media to facilitate the execution of its functions;
  • to establish a cultural resource center at Clifton Heritage with a Clifton Heritage shop to promote the display and sale of souvenirs, books, pamphlets, prints, posters, audio-visual aids, and  reproductions of original antiquities and artifacts of Clifton Heritage;
  • to license the execution of all molds and models of antiquities discovered at Clifton Heritage and to authorize all reproductions of artifacts using print and other media.
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