Department of Public Prosecutions

The Department is headed by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Garvin Gaskin, who is assisted by Deputy Directors of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Franklyn Williams.

The Department of Public Prosecutions is the division of the Office of the Attorney-General that has been authorized by the Attorney-General relative to the execution of the Attorney-General's constitutional and legal responsibility for the commencement and cessation of criminal prosecutions in The Bahamas.

The scope and function of this Department are extensive and include the following:




The Department is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal matters before the Supreme Court and the general oversight of magisterial prosecutions.


The Department appears on behalf of the Crown in all criminal appeals which may include -

  1. appeals from the Magistrates Court to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal;
  2. appeals from the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal; and
  3. appeals from the Court of Appeal to the Privy Council.

Fiat Request

The Department is responsible for advising the Attorney-General on the issuance of fiats consenting to certain prosecutions. A "fiat" is a request that a certain step be taken.

Constitutional and Judicial Review Applications in criminal matters

The Department appears on behalf of the Crown in all constitutional and judicial review proceedings relating to criminal matters.

Extradition Proceedings

The Department represents requesting territories in accordance with various extradition treaties between The Bahamas and foreign states.

Money Laundering Matters

The Department is responsible for overseeing Money Laundering Prosecutions pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act, Ch 93.


The Department advises the Government in respect of all criminal matters.

Plea Bargaining

The Department may enter into plea discussions with an accused person (or his attorney) with a view to entering into a plea agreement on behalf of the Attorney-General.

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