Cabinet Ministers

Bell, Keith RicardoMinister of Housing and Urban Renewal
Bowleg, Mario KeithMinister of Youth, Sports and Culture
Campbell, Jomo ChakaMinister of Agriculture and Marine Resources
Coleby-Davis, Jobeth LillianMinister of Energy and Transport
Cooper, Isaac ChesterDeputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation
Darville, Michael RonaldMinister of Health and Wellness
Davis, Philip EdwardPrime Minister and Minister of Finance
Glover-Rolle, Pia TakitaMinister of Labour and the Public Service
Halkitis, Michael BrianMinister of Economic Affairs
Hanna-Martin, Glenys Margaret E.Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training
LaRoda, Myles KentworthMinister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister
Lightbourne, Zane EnricoMinister of State for the Environment
McIntosh, Basil WaltonMinister of State for Aviation
Miller, Vaughn PetersonMinister for the Environment and Natural Resources
Mitchell, Frederick AudleyMinister of Foreign Affairs
Moxey, Ginger MariaMinister for Grand Bahama
Munroe, Wayne R.Minister of National Security
Pinder, Leo RyanAttorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs
Rahming, Lisa TammyMinister of State in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Renewal
Sears, Alfred MichaelMinister of Immigration and National Insurance
Sweeting, Clay GlennfordMinister of Works and Family Island Affairs
Wilchcombe, Obediah HerculesMinister of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting
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