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The current family of Bahamian banknotes each contains the following security features:

  • Watermark of:
    The Spanish Galleon (All except CRISP $10, $20 & $50)
    Queen Elizabeth II and the numeral 10 (CRISP $10)
    Queen Elizabeth II and the numeral 100 (CRISP $100)
    Sir Milo B. Butler and the numeral 20 (CRISP $20)
    Sir Roland T. Symonette and the numeral 50 (CRISP $50)
  • Security threads: All Banknotes
  • See-through feature of the Sand dollar: All Banknotes
  • Hologram: Bahamas $100 banknotes only
  • Series: All banknotes (except B$3 banknotes)
  • Foil: $10, $20 & $50
  • 100% cotton banknote paper: All banknotes
  • Security fibres fluorescent green or yellow: All banknotes
  • Latent image: All banknotes (except B$3 banknotes)

Source: The Central Bank of The Bahamas

Visit The Central Bank of The Bahamas to learn more about the look and feel of  Bahamian Money.

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