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Hurricane Dorian Volunteer Registration Forms
Published Date : September 3, 2019


The Bahamas has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian, and there are many persons desiring to provide assistance. Thank you in advance for your heartfelt desire to help The Bahamas in this time of need.

Volunteers can provide assistance in the following ways: 

  1. Affiliated Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) are requested to submit a completed registration form along with verified credentials to

International EMTs should not mobilize until their offer of assistance is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Bahamas.

  1. Health care providers are asked to send completed applications to
  1. Healthcare supplies, products and medication donations applications are to be submitted to the following addresses:
    1. and

How to Apply

  1. Determine which volunteer assistance is to be provided;
  2. Download the appropriate registration or application form;
  3. Review credentials documented in the application;
  4. Adhere to the specific requirements of the following local councils at located on the left tab:
    1. The Bahamas Medical Council;
    2. The Nursing Council of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; and
    3. The Bahamas Health Professions Council; and       
  5. Complete and submit the relevant application mentioned above, and upload all verified credentials/documents required by the application and relevant councils.

Submitted Applications

  1. Healthcare providers will be vetted by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of The Ministry of Health.
  2. Donation applications will be vetted by NEMA and confirmed and approved by the Chief Medical Office of The Ministry of Health; and
  3. All Applications will be acknowledged.  Subsequently, applicants will be advised of the outcome of their request.

Your willingness to support The Bahamas at this critical time is most appreciated.

For Further information please contact:
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