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We’re recruiting fresh new talent to strengthen the Ministry of Finance. There are over 50 vacancies for professionals at all levels: New college graduates to seasoned veterans.

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Status: Active

Submission Deadline: December 21, 2018


Revenue Compliance & Enforcement Unit         

Senior Tax Auditor

Junior Tax Auditor

Call Center Officer


Treasury Department                  


Assistant Accountant



  • Only online applications accepted
  • Applications must be submitted for advertised positions only
  • A resume and a completed Government Employee Application Form should be submitted
  • Place the job title in the subject line when submitting  your email (e.g. Job Application: Call Center Officer)
  • Include proper contact details (email address, telephone contact) should we wish to reach you
  • Applicants that do not have the basic qualifications will not be considered


Candidates will be pre-screened and vetted as necessary. Selected candidates may receive a follow up call or scheduled interview however, this does not guarantee a job being offered.  Applicants that advance past pre-screening will be required to provide additional documentation, including a completed Government of The Bahamas- Security Questionnaire. (hyperlink form)

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