Bahamas Information Services

Monarch Building
Bay Street
P. O. Box N 8172
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Areas of Responsibility
  • Government Information


The Bahamas Information Services Department (BIS) was formed by an act of Parliament in 1974. The mission of the agency is to ensure effective communications between the government and the people of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas by providing a central channel through which may flow information to and inquiries from local, regional and international media and the public.

In general, BIS is mandated to advise the Government in relation to the dissemination of information on the policies and activities of the government, and to promote the policies, programmes, goals and role of the government.

BIS assists the government with public relations, and its officers sit on many governmental committees, offering advice on developing and publicizing various programmes.

BIS is of service to the government of the day, government ministries, departments and affiliated services, regardless of the political party controlling the country. The department is not for the promotion of party politics nor the promotion of party or politicians.

BIS employs seasoned journalists and photojournalists. The department is also a link to many national news agencies, especially those in the Family Islands, and offers its services digitally for more immediate access.

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