Environment and Housing, The Ministry of

Charlotte House (2nd Floor),
Shirley & Charlotte Street
P. O. Box N-4849
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Web Site:http://www.facebook.com/ministryofeh
Phone:(242) 322-6027 or 322-60005/6
Fax:(242) 326-2650
Areas of Responsibility

The Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission (BEST)
Department of Forestry
Bahamas National Geographic Information System (BNGIS) Centre
Department of Environmental Health Services

Other Areas of Responsibilities

Protection, Conservation and Management of the Environment
Relations with National and International Organizations on Matters Relating to the Environment
International Convention,Treaties, Protocols and Agreement relating to the Environment
Reefs and Blue Holes      
Plant Protection Act      
Wild Animal and Bird Protection      
Natural History Specimens      
Botanical Gardens      
Relations with The Bahamas National Trust       
Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Regulation
Alternative Energy       
Aragonite Mining
Environmental Control       
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Public Sanitation
Public Sanitation, Dumps
Relations with the Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority
Montagu Foreshore
Western Esplanade
Government Housing Scheme
Construction of medium and low-cost Housing
Relations with the Housing Commission
Bahamas Mortgage Corporation


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