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September 23, 2021Bahamas receives Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines from the USBahamas Information Services
September 22, 2021Prime Minister Davis: ‘All hands on deck needed to face pressing challenges’Office of the Prime Minister
September 22, 2021Minister of Health and Wellness plans to get COVID-19 under controlBahamas Information Services
September 22, 2021Health Minister tours the Rand Memorial Hospital as part of assessment of health care facilities nation-wideBahamas Information Services
September 22, 2021Appointment of Cabinet Ministers Completed TodayBahamas Information Services
September 21, 2021Virtual Meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State, CARICOM Secretary General and CARICOM Ministers of Foreign AffairsMinistry of Foreign Affairs
September 21, 2021Response To Int’l Election Observation Group On Election CoverageThe Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas
September 20, 2021Prime Minister Davis Lauds First Members of His CabinetBahamas Information Services
September 20, 2021Nine new Cabinet ministers sworn-inOffice of the Prime Minister
September 20, 2021COVID-19 Report Update #538 - #543Ministry of Health
September 18, 2021The Hon. Philip Davis Takes Oath of Office as Prime MinisterBahamas Information Services
September 18, 2021Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis, Presented Instrument of AppointmentBahamas Information Services
September 18, 2021Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis pledges to govern in the interests of all BahamiansOffice of the Prime Minister
September 18, 2021I. Chester Cooper Sworn In as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment & AviationBahamas Information Services
September 17, 2021Emergency Powers (Covid 19 Pandemic)(Management and Recovery)(No.2) (Amendment)(No.12 & 13) Order, 2021Office of the Prime Minister
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