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All government news and press release are kept online for a period of five years from date of publishing. Please contact the relevant agency or Bahamas Information Services ( ) for older news and press releases.

March 8, 2024The Government is Sustaining a “Consistently Proactive Approach” to Labour RelationsBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024Social Workers, honouredBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024Prime Minister Davis says His Government takes a ‘balanced approach’ under the current budgetBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024PM Davis: Revenues up $72.9 million compared to same period in previous budget cycleBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024PM Davis: Government will not introduce new taxes that will directly impact Bahamian familiesBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024Ministry of Labour and the Public Service Continues Digitizing DocumentsBahamas Information Services
March 7, 2024Doctors Hospital Health System Solidifies UBFIT Title Sponsor with $71KBahamas Information Services
March 6, 2024WSC rebuilds Abaco network infrastructure with resiliency and redundancy, creating most advanced system in the Family IslandsBahamas Information Services
March 6, 2024Transport Minister Announces Plans for the Road Traffic DepartmentBahamas Information Services
March 6, 2024Smalltooth Sawfish Experts Call on Environment MinisterBahamas Information Services
March 6, 2024A Multi-Pronged Approach Aimed at the Revitalization and Modernization of BPLBahamas Information Services
March 5, 2024Promotions for Ministry of Transport staffBahamas Information Services
March 5, 2024Ministry of Health and Wellness offers 'Foot Fest 2024' health screenings and treatment Ministry of Health and Wellness
March 5, 2024Bahamas Outstanding Students Foundation - Courtesy Call at the Office of the Governor GeneralBahamas Information Services
March 5, 2024Aviation Department launches '2024 Vision Card' for Improved ServicesBahamas Information Services
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