Persons, both Bahamians and Non-Bahamians, who have acquired an interest in a time share in The Bahamas must register the interest with the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA). The interest is to be registered by the Developing Owner of the time share resort.


Persons, both Bahamians and Non-Bahamians, who have acquired an interest in a time share.

  1. Complete and submit a Form A Application and a contractual agreement in reference to the same.

  2. Fees are paid at the time of submitting the application.

  3. Once BIA completed its processing the time share certificate, duly executed by the Registrar of The Bahamas Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act, is returned to the Developing Owner who in turn forwards it to the purchaser.
  4. The Developing Owner is informed in writing that the time share certificate is ready for collection.


Application Form(s) 

Form A Application for Registration of Time-Sharing Purchaser Licence pursuant to The Bahamas Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act, 1999.




Supporting Documents 

Contractual Agreement (that is, Conveyance, Membership Agreement, Agreement etc).

Turn-around time 
A registration is completed within 30 days following the submission of all of the required documents.
Within 60 days of execution of a time-sharing contract, the Developing Owner or his managing agent shall apply to the Registrar to register the rights of the time-sharing purchaser.
Related Fee(s) 

A fee of BS$25.00 is payable for each acquisition of an interest which is sought to be registered. The cheque may be made payable to the Bahamas Public Treasury.  

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