Operating a Business in The Bahamas

This section is intended to provide information about the most important things a prospective applicant should know before submitting an application for a business licence. If questions remain after reading this section, answers can be obtained from a staff member of the Customer Services Unit at the Business Licence and Valuation Section of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Business Licence Act 2010

Please note in particular, the documents required to support an application for business licence. These documents are permits, licences, certificates, or approvals issued by governmental or other authorities that administer acts that regulate businesses. Many of these documents must be renewed annually. If an application for business licence is submitted without supporting documents, the application cannot be processed fully, nor will a business licence be issued until all requirements have been met. For requirements based on business type, select the link below.

The Nature of Business and Their Requirements

It is an offense under the Business Licence Act to fail to apply for a business licence. In New Providence, all applications for business licence are to be submitted directly to the Business Licence and Valuation Section of the Ministry of Finance together with the applicable licence fee. Applicants are requested to deliver rather than mail applications and support documents so that a staff member can screen them initially in the presence of the applicant.

Applicants in the Family Islands should submit applications for business licence to their Local District Board together with the required licence fee. 

Applying for a Business Licence for new or existing businesses.
Applying for a Temporary Business Licence.
Applying for an Occasional Business Licence.
Fee Schedule

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