Members of Parliament


Name Constituency Island Party
Davis, Philip EdwardCat Island
Bell, Keith RicardoNew Providence
Bowleg, Mario KeithNew Providence
Coleby-Davis, Jobeth LillianNew Providence
Cooper, Isaac ChesterExuma
Darville, Michael RonaldNew Providence
Glover-Rolle, Pia TakitaNew Providence
Hanna-Martin, Glenys Margaret E.New Providence
LaRoda, Myles KentworthNew Providence
Lightbourne, Zane Enrico(None)
McIntosh, Basil WaltonMayaguana
Miller, Vaughn PetersonNew Providence
Mitchell, Frederick AudleyNew Providence
Moxey, Ginger MariaGrand Bahama
Munroe, Wayne R.New Providence
Sears, Alfred MichaelNew Providence
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